Get nostalgic as I narrate my childhood memory.

Afternoon Naps & Childhood Dreams

It seems like a long time ago.

After school, my brother and I would come home, have lunch with dad, and sleep until mom came back from work. They were the best naps of my life when no noise could wake me up. Not even the shrieking horn of my mom’s two-wheeler. It used to be so loud that all our neighbors would come out but I would be wandering in my dreams until I could hear all the noise.

I would run towards the main door to see the annoyed face of my mom. That was irresponsible of me but what could you possibly expect out of a 12-year-old.

At 5:30 PM, every day, my mom and I would have tea while watching TV. I loved that part of my routine as it was the only time I spent with my mom. She would be busy at all times but our tea time was the best. I would tell her about my day and we would listen to her favorite bhajans. 

It was almost 18 years ago when I thought that I would never work in my life because I could not spend enough time with my mom because of her job. Today, I am sitting in a different country, working with one of the greatest startups in the United States, and thinking what if that childhood dream did come true.

What if, I became a housewife and not a career-oriented girl?

I am sure I would not be content. When I look at myself and realize how far I have come, I laugh at my childhood dreams. But I wish I could get those afternoon naps and tea-times with mom back.

Growing up is good but it also sucks as you have to be accountable for every single thing. But that’s also the beauty of it!

I am proud of the woman that I am becoming ❤️

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