Homesick For Love

I am always homesick; inside and outside my home. I long for someone who is not in my life but I have faith that one day he will be. I am homesick for him whom I don’t know yet. But I know a little about him.
I know he looks at the stars at night and wonders about me. I know he wakes up in the morning and sees by his side and smiles thinking of our times when we would get up together. I know he blushes when his mother talks about her daughter-in-law. I know he suffers from the same kind of homesickness.
Wandering in search of my home, I believe he is wandering too. One day we will find our home in our togetherness. That day I would not be homesick anymore, that day I will live in him and he will live in me. We would travel the world together without being homesick ever again. Despite all the stars above us, we would stare each other in twinkle of the eyes. We will be painted in the magical color of love.
People have found homes and lost, found again and lost again. I too have been misled to temporary houses. My hope has not faded, rather it has gotten strong. Reading my words he will someday come to me and be my home.
I will no longer be homesick one day.
Has anyone ever felt this kind of homesickness?

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