Old Age Couple

If its not forever, its not LOVE!

“Do you remember when I drove that scooty with you sitting behind me?” She asked while adjusting her specs on her nose.

“How stupid is that of you to ask me such things?” He mocked at her.

“But it has always been me who brings back the memories of our youth days into our discussions. I have never seen you talking about those golden times. Don’t you feel like reliving those memories again?” A kid in that 55 year old body spoke.

“Sweetheart, if I go on discussing what is already done, how will I make these old days the best ones for you?” He kept his newspaper on the table and looked at her.

She blushed. Her saggy skin was still glowing because of their love. They don’t have any kids but it never seemed they required any. After one year of their marriage Ruhaan discovered some health changes in Trupti. After a complete body checkup they found out that she had cancer in her ovaries. Without wasting a minute, Ruhaan decided to go for the operation. Her ovaries were removed and she was saved. Ruhaan never complained of her infertile body. Their love for each other was more than enough.

“Oh, so are you going to drive that scooty again with your lifeless knees?” she laughed and because of the continuous laugh she started coughing.

He patted her back and said, “Look who is talking who can barely laugh without coughing” he popped out his tongued at her.

She got up and sat in his lap.

“Careful honey, your husband has weak knees.” He never left a chance to tease her.

“Shut up you idiot! Hold me from my waist or I will fall.” She said while putting his arms across her waist.

He pulled her towards her and looked at her face.

“Speak what you are holding inside.” He said.

“I love you. After all these years, you don’t have a single reason to be angry with me. You could have divorced me and then married some girl who could give you babies. You had a chance of having a complete family with son, daughter, grandchildren and..”

He kept his finger on her lips and said, “I could have a lot many people in here but still my eyes would have looked for you. I would have had a family but still I would have longed to be home that is you.”

He kissed her cheek and she said, “Why didn’t you adopt any kids?”

“If not made from our love, I don’t want any.” He smiled and kissed her forehead.

Their love is magical.

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