Benefits of Journaling

Benefits Of Journaling

I started JOURNALING as a part of school activity and at that time I did not know this term existed.

In one of our English projects, we were required to submit Diary Entries for our summer vacation. I would play outside with my friends and write all about it when I came back home. It was the most exciting thing for me to do. My love for the English language also emerged from there. 

Even when I had completed my summer vacation homework, I continued maintaining my Diary that only described the events of my day like going to school, cycling with friends, eating dinner with family, and stuff like that. I still did not know the purpose of writing at the end of each day. 

In my days of adolescence, I discovered an amazing TV series called Vampire Diaries. As much as I love watching that series even today, I actually found out the real meaning of journaling through it. When I watched Elena and Stephan vent out their feelings and thoughts in their respective diaries, I realized that I had been doing it all wrong. Well, maybe not all wrong but not completely right too! 

So, I started writing my thoughts in my journal that now had a cute little lock outside it. I saved my pocket money to buy that journal for myself. 

The first time when I wrote about my feelings and thoughts in it, I felt wonderful. It was about my first ever crush in school.

With time, I started to experience different benefits of maintaining a journal and I continue to do so even today.

Journaling Can Help You Grow As A Person

It really does. No kidding. 

You are going to decide what you write in your journal but it is going to be rewarding in a plethora of ways. First and foremost, you will discover your emotions and fears. In life, we tend to please people around us. Due to this, you are not completely honest or real at all times. 

When journaling, you can be utterly honest. Even if you said something nice to someone that you did not mean or something rude that you said but did not mean, you can tell it all in your journal. As a result, you become aware of your true self. 

It is critical for a person’s growth. 

Journaling Helps Form New Perspectives

Every person, including me, can feel lost in life at times. We can often feel misunderstood in different situations. But when you write about it, you can get a better understanding, thus, allowing you to see things from a new perspective. 

It helps in finding out more realistic solutions. 

Journaling Can Heal You

Nobody can understand your story completely. It is you who can do it for you. I have had a fair share of my problems that I dealt with my habit of journaling. It has become my safe space where I do not write for anybody else but me. 

Journaling Can Heal You
Journaling Can Heal You

At times, I had trouble finding out what was bothering me. By analyzing the patterns through journaling, I could identify my issues and find out effective solutions. So, you can fight with depression, anxiety, or stress by developing a habit of journaling.

Journaling Boosts Confidence 

More often than not, people like me, find it difficult to interact with people. But what I did find out is that when your thoughts and feelings are streamlined, you become a vivid thinker that makes you more confident. I will tell you how. 

Let’s say you are meeting some people but your mind is occupied with so much trash from previous experiences. You did not give it enough time to absorb all those emotions and now you are just throwing yourself out in situations. Rather than participating actively, you just do it for the sake of it.

You may also feel it while having conversations that you zone out. It might be due to your unsettled thoughts and emotions.

When I write about it, my mind gets a clear picture but when I don’t I am just carrying it around with me like an unnecessary burden. Therefore, low confidence.

I hope it makes sense to you!

Journaling Improves Sleep & Memory

Again, a settled and empty mind would lead to better sleep. When you vent out about your rough day or your insecurities in your journal, your mind feels relaxed and you tend to sleep well. It will take some time but you will get a sound sleep if your journal regularly.

Journaling helps you sleep better

Journaling also has a direct effect on your memory. When you write about it, you remember it for longer. And there is no harm to go back and check, just in case. 

So, are you ready to start your journaling journey?

Take it slow.

Buy a simple diary or a handmade journal or open Notes in your phone and just start.

It does not have to make sense. Remember, it is only for you. Nobody is going to read it. Start writing and go on for 15 minutes continuously. Do not get distracted.

If you need to romanticize it, then light a scented candle, play some of your favorite music, pour some relaxing tea or coffee and get going.

I have my journal routine where I enjoy myself. It is like I am making love to my soul.

There is no better feeling than discovering yourself!

Go for it <3





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