Broken Stars Shine The Brightest

That urge in the middle of the night to be with the one. The one who left you for no reason. The one who did not even think once before hurting you. The stomach aches while the heart breaks with the pain that memories give in those dark nights. The sweat on the forehead trickles down your body and the emotional rush forces you to call or text that one person.
The cramps of loneliness you get in your abdomen making you feel helpless. The strong desire to end your life just because you cannot get over someone. That bedsheet you stuff in your mouth to suppress the mourning screams. The water that refuses to pass through your throat and spills all over your clothes.The moment of silence after you realize that it is okay to be without him.
A moment later when you text your best buddies to know how much you mean to them. The moment they tell you how lucky you are to get rid of that one person. The moment you find yourself back on your feet with a stronger will.
All of this is worth it.
If you are going through such a phase, don’t give up because you are not alone. Just don’t stand there. Let it flow and then you will be okay. Reach out to me and I will listen to you patiently. Not just a writer but I am a human who feels the way you feel.
*High Five*
P.S:The broken stars are the brightest ones.

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