Real friends, not many of us!

“I had this weird dream last night.” She spoke unclear words while brushing her teeth.

“Tell me something new. I am used to such things of yours now.” Her roommate made fun of her while applying kohl on inner side of her right eye.

“Okay, forget it..” She threw up in the sink and cleaned her mouth.

She got back in the room and started searching for hat to wear for office. As usual she could not really decide herself. Her roommate helped her like every other day and got late for work. As daily routine, she kissed her and left saying, “Have a good day and we will talk about your weird dream in the evening.”
She smiled and locked the door. She was not normal that day. All she could think about was that dream. Something so intriguing that she could just not act normal. It had something to do with him, the boy she has loved all her life. The dreams about him would come often when they just broke up, 5 years ago. No matter how hard she would try or how strong sedatives she took, she just could not escape from his thoughts. But with time, she healed but there were scars of that hurting relationship. Hurting, because she was the only one who was in love and he was the master of fake-love relationships.

She was all mess again. In her office, she could not concentrate and got a leave. She put her car in gear and rushed to a lake nearby. This was the only place that would always accept her with her broken and whining heart. She spent the entire day at the lake thinking about him and her love for him. It never left from her heart. She went back home after getting 20 calls from her roommate.

“Do not do that ever again, Sonali. You get this straight in your head.”

“Oh god, people on earth are so furious.” She said trying to lighten her up.

“Where were you the entire day? I called at your office, they told you left early.”

“Okay first of all relax, Maahi. I am fine right and that is what you wanted.” She said and made her sit on the bed.

“But why do you do this?” Maahi asked sounding more concerned.

“I am sorry and I love you so much.” Sonali hugged and kissed Maahi tightly.

“This is not my answer. Tell me where were you?” Maahi pushed her back.
“Okay, remember about the weird dream, I was talking about in the morning.” Sonali stared at Maahi trying to convey something through eyes.
Maahi did not make eye contact and said, “Why are you going off the topic? Weird dreams happen to you all the time. No big deal.” She stood up and went to the kitchen.

“Maahi, I know it was not a dream. Stop lying now because I remember everything. And I love you for every damn thing.”
Maahi just could not hold up and broke out in tears. She hugged her and said, “I am so sorry to take you to that club. I did not know he would be there.”
Sonali wiped her tears away and said, “Are you crazy? What you did last night was the bestest thing any friend would ever do. And I love you for that honey. Stop crying.”
Their friendship had conquered last night. The girls’ gang had planned to go clubbing. Sonali drank for the first time and Maahi took responsibility of her. They danced to every favorite song of theirs. All of that night was just perfect until Sonali’s ex came in with a girl in his arms. Sonali froze on seeing him and he hit him harder than all those hard drinks that burnt her throat. He seemed to have no effect even though he had seen Sonali. Sonali gulped drinks one after the other.

Maahi had always wanted to teach him a lesson. She was burning with anger and then suddenly Sonali got out of control. She went right up to him and said, “Still a playboy, hah?”

He grabbed her from her waist and said, “Want some fun?”

He was about to kiss her when Maahi grabbed his arm and twisted it so hard that it cracked. She then threw his drink on his face and slapped him hard. Music stopped and bouncers hopped in. He yelled at Sonali, “You bitch, look at yourself and then call me a playboy. See how drunk you are.”
Maahi gave in one more slap and then Sonali stopped her. She pushed Maahi back and turned around him. One last tight slap on his face by Sonali and he was thrown out of the club. After 5 seconds Sonali passed out.

Dedicated to all the real friends, that I believe are not many of us.

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